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21.01 Dangerous encryption ransomware spreading via email

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is warning users about a mass mailing that got underway earlier last week and is being used by criminals to spread a dangerous downloader program. The program's main objective is to download and launch Trojan.Encoder.686 on infected machines. Currently, files compromised by this encryption Trojan can't be recovered. Therefore, the threat posed by this ransomware is severe.

29.12 A Doctor Web December review of virus activity affecting Android devices

Similar to previous months, December 2014 proved to be rather stressful for Android handheld owners. As usual, the makers of malicious applications didn't idle away their time and prepared a number of unpleasant surprises for Android users. Throughout the month, the Dr.Web virus databases were updated with new definitions for a variety of malicious applications, which included both regular banking Trojans and malware that was embedded in the firmware used by a number of Android-powered devices.

26.12 Doctor Web virus activity overview: New Linux backdoor and other events of December 2014

The last month of the outgoing year didn't bring information security experts any surprises: definitions for new malicious programs targeting Windows keep being added to the virus database, and the number of Trojans threatening Android-powered devices also remains high. Virus makers didn’t neglect Linux either—Doctor Web security researchers discovered several malicious programs for this platform, the program Linux.BackDoor.Fysbis.1 being the most noteworthy of them.

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